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Swap allows you to retrieve currency exchange rates from various services such as Fixer or Google and optionally cache the results. It is integrated to other libraries like moneyphp/money and provides a Symfony Bundle and a Laravel Package.


$ composer require florianv/swap php-http/message php-http/guzzle6-adapter
use Swap\Builder;

// Build Swap with
$swap = (new Builder())
    ->add('fixer', ['access_key' => 'your-access-key'])
// Get the latest EUR/USD rate
$rate = $swap->latest('EUR/USD');

// 1.129

// 2016-08-26

// Get the EUR/USD rate 15 days ago
$rate = $swap->historical('EUR/USD', (new \DateTime())->modify('-15 days'));


The complete documentation can be found here.


Here is the list of the currently implemented services.

Service Registry Alias Base Currency Quote Currency Historical
Fixer fixer * * Yes
European Central Bank european_central_bank EUR * Yes
Google google * * No
Open Exchange Rates USD (free), * (paid) * Yes  
Xignite xignite * * Yes
WebserviceX webservicex * * No
National Bank of Romania national_bank_of_romania RON * No
Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey central_bank_of_republic_turkey * TRY No
Central Bank of the Czech Republic central_bank_of_czech_republic * CZK No
Russian Central Bank russian_central_bank * RUB Yes
currencylayer currency_layer USD (free), * (paid) * Yes
Cryptonator cryptonator * Crypto (Limited standard currencies) * Crypto (Limited standard currencies) No
1Forge forge * (free but limited or paid) * (free but limited or paid) No
CurrencyDataFeed currency_data_feed * (free but limited or paid) * (free but limited or paid) No
Array array * * Yes




The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.